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DOT Physical Near Me Hollywood, FL

If you are searching for a DOT physical near me, then you have come to the right place. UCO Medical Clinic specializes in the DOT physical medical examination for our patients near Hollywood, Florida. A Department of Transportation (DOT) physical is a medical examination required of commercial truck drivers. A DOT physical is designed to ensure that people who operate commercial motor vehicles are physically, cognitively, and emotionally healthy. They are required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for public safety. If you need this medical examination near the Hollywood, FL area, give us a call today and we can schedule an appointment for you.

If you’re in good shape, there’s not much you need to do in terms of preparation for this medical examination. The DOT physical is just a physical examination by a doctor to determine that you are physically capable of operating such a massive vehicle. You may wish to make additional preparations if you’re overweight, recovering from a more serious health issue, or having a major health issue monitored by a doctor. Your circumstances and present state of health will determine if you need to make any changes or bring anything with you to your DOT physical.

DOT Physical Specialists Hollywood, Florida

One of our doctors here at UCO Medical Clinic will first go over your medical history with you during your DOT physical, as well as any current treatments you are receiving. They’ll then measure your height and weight to determine your BMI, as well as check your blood pressure, vision, and hearing. At your medical examination, they will examine your skin, and reflexes, and check for hernias as part of a general physical examination. In addition, you’ll provide a urine sample, which will be examined to determine your blood sugar levels and a few other health indicators. If you have any questions about your DOT physical near Hollywood, FL, make sure to contact our office and we would be happy to help.

DOT Medical Examinations Hollywood, FL

The purpose of a DOT physical is to see if you’re fit to drive a commercial vehicle. Many conditions that might make you ineligible can be controlled. You can typically get a certificate if you can establish that your disease is treatable and that you’re under the supervision of a medical specialist. If you have any questions about your medical examination or medical conditions that you may have, please contact our office and one of our experts would be happy to clear up any concerns.

You must get a DOT physical if you are or want to be a commercial vehicle driver. A licensed medical examiner, Yuri Skarlat or Yukhanan Benjamin from our office will perform this medical examination. This is done to ensure that you are fit enough to operate a commercial vehicle. Most drivers are obliged to have a DOT physical every two years. If you have a medical condition like diabetes or high blood pressure, you may be required to get a DOT physical every year rather than every two years. Contact us today at UCO Medical Clinic to schedule your DOT medical examination near Hollywood, FL.

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