Immigration Physical Exams

Medical Immigration Exams are performed by our USCIS-authorized doctor. This exam is required for anyone applying for a green card.

Immigration Exam Information

Who needs an immigration health exam?

Any individual who is 15 or older is required to complete a full physical health exam during the process of seeking a green card. Children under 15 are also required to undergo a physical health exam (except for a chest x-ray and blood tests) as well as receive all required immunizations.

What do you need to bring for an immigration health exam?

• Vaccination history
• Passport
• Any other form of identification
• For children under 14: proof of identity (name, date of birth, place of birth, parents’ full names). Ex. Birth Certificate
• A copy of the USCIS I-693 Form


Upon the completion of the exam, the doctor will give you a sealed envelope containing your documents and exam results. You will then submit this sealed envelope with your signed paperwork. 

The Exam

After going over your full medical history, you will undergo a chest x-ray and blood tests to screen for health issues, as well as a physical exam. This physical exam includes an examination of the following:

Required Vaccinations

Required Vaccinations

DT/DTP/DTaP; IPV/OPV; MMR; Hib; Hep A; Hep B; Varicella; Pneumococcal; Influenza (Oct-Mar)

DT/DTP/DTaP; IPV/OPV; MMR; Hep A; Hep B; Varicella; Influenza (Oct-Mar)

DT/DTP/DTaP or Td/Tdap; IPV/OPV; MMR; Hep A; Hep B; Varicella; Influenza (Oct-Mar)

Td/Tdap; IPV/OPV; MMR; Hep A; Hep B; Varicella; Meningococcal; Influenza (Oct-Mar)

Td/Tdap; MMR; Hep A; Hep B; Varicella; Meningococcal; Influenza (Oct-Mar)

Td/Tdap; MMR*; Varicella; Influenza (Oct-Mar)

Td/Tdap; Varicella; Pneumococcal; Influenza (Oct-Mar)

Additional Information

Authorized Examiner

Yukhanan Benjamin, M.D.

A USCIS Florida Civil Surgeon who is authorized to perform immigration physical exams.

We offer competitive pricing. Please call our office now to discuss your unique circumstances and examination cost. 

Clinic Information


There are four medical reasons as to why you might be labeled as inadmissible. Just because you find yourself in one of these categories does not mean that you are automatically labeled as inadmissible, as you may be eligible for a waiver. Talk to your doctor about discussing your options. 

You carry a communicable disease

Some examples of communicable diseases that pose a public health risk include:
• Syphilis in the infectious state
• Chlamydia

Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Lack the Required Vaccinations

Physical or Mental Disorders with Harmful Behavior

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