IV Drip Therapy in Hallandale

Boost your immune system with IV Drip Therapy. We offer customized IV therapies to manage a wide range of conditions. Call our clinic for details and pricing.

Specialized IV Therapy

IV Drip Therapy is suitable for anyone looking to improve their immune system, boost their energy, and improve their overall health.

Immune Boost Cocktail

Make vitamin deficiencies a thing of the past with this specialized IV drip cocktail. Help strengthen your immune system by hitting the daily vitamin dose recommendations. This cocktail includes: 

Myer's Cocktail

This popular immune boosting cocktail provides quick relief for an array of symptoms caused by anything from dehydration to hangovers. This cocktail includes: 

Custom IV Vitamin Therapy

Looking to strengthen your immune system, improve your mood, or enahnce your overall health? Our medical providers will work with you to find a custom IV cocktail that will help you reach your specific health and wellness goals. 

Skin Health

Achieve your skin goals with this hydrating IV therapy regimen to bring back your skin's natural glow.

Digestive Restoration

Restore the natural balance of your gut to eliminate any gastrointestinal discomfort or bloating.


Get relief from the symptoms of dehydration caused by illness, medication, or lifestyle.

Hangover Detox

Bounce back from dehydration, nausea, and other common hangover symptoms with this recovery therapy.


In times of high stress, this IV cocktail will provide immune support as well as target serotonin/dopamine levels.

Immune Support

Increase your immune protection against sickness, especially during times of higher risk, such as periods of stress.

Wellness Infusion

Improve your overall health with this immune and energy boosting vitamin IV therapy.

Vitamin C

This large dose of vitamin C will give your immune system the upper hand in fighting potential sickness such as a cold or the flu.

Energy Boost

Gain energy when you need it most to increase productivity during your day, while also improving your quality of sleep.

Monthly PMS Relief

Target the symptoms of PMS such as mood instability, pain and discomfort, and low energy.

Cold and Flu Remedy

Eliminate aches and pains as well as the many other symptoms caused by a cold or the flu by giving your immune system a boost.

Fitness Recovery

Get ahead of the aches and sore muscles by preventing post-workout lactic acid build-up.

Jet Lag Revival

Fight the fatigue, dehydration, and other symptoms often associated with jet lag.

Migraine Recovery

Skip the hospital trip with this cocktail of vitamins and minerals to help eliminate migraine symptoms.

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