Primary Care Physician Near Me Hollywood FL

Our services include physical exams, acute illness treatments for sore throats and colds, immunizations, treatment for minor injuries, high blood pressure and diabetes care.

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Our doctors provide primary care for the whole family. Our staff speaks English, Russian and Spanish.

Primary Care Services

Some of the medical conditions we treat:

  • Allergies
  • Anemia
  • Common skin infections
  • Depression
  • High cholesterol
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Digestive system disorders
  • Ear and throat infections
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Screening and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases
  • Eye infections
  • CDL/DOT exams
  • Covid-19 Testing
  • Work and school physicals
  • Infertility screening
  • Thyroid diseases
  • Dermatological problems
  • Bacterial and viral infections
  • Reproductive related issues
  • Hormone imbalance related problems
  • Male erectile dysfunction

Primary Care Physician Near Me Hollywood, FL

Are you are searching for a primary care physician near you in the Hollywood, FL area? Whether you need a primary care physician, a pediatrician, or an internal medicine specialist, UCO Medical Clinic has the proper doctor for you and your family. Family medicine doctors are trained to deal with a wide range of issues. We provide care to people of all ages, both male and female, and assist in the diagnosis of a variety of illnesses and disorders. Our primary care doctor near Hollywood, Florida offers a holistic approach that can be beneficial because he or she sees you through many stages of life and illnesses.

Begin a dialogue with a primary care physician who is willing to listen. Doctors at UCO Medical Clinic are available to help you with new symptoms or just to talk about your health and wellness. You’ll have a whole crew devoted to your well-being. Your primary care doctor will listen to you and try to understand you so that you can get the care you need for your entire self — from physical to mental and emotional well-being. When you are searching for a primary care physician near me, make sure you check out UCO Medical Clinic. Any one of our experts would love to discuss your options with you.

Primary Care Physicians Near Hollywood, Florida

Your primary care doctor at UCO Medical Clinic will refer you to a specialist if needed in heart care, maternity care, brain and spine care, cancer care, orthopedic care, mental health, weight management, pediatrics, and more if you have a health problem that requires advanced treatment. Our primary care physician near Hollywood, FL wants to connect you with the care you may need. Our primary care doctor is at the heart of your treatment and collaborates with you and your experts to provide the best possible care.

You’ll get the right care, at the right place and at the right time, when you choose a primary care physician at UCO Medical Clinic. Your primary care physician is at the heart of your treatment, ready to answer all of your questions, big and little, and to meet all of your medical needs. Our primary care team includes family medicine doctors, internal medicine doctors, OB-GYNs, and pediatricians who provide care through online and in-person appointments.

Primary Care in the Hollywood, Florida Area

Get the treatment you need for chronic and recurring illnesses, as well as minor ailments including fever, cold, flu, seasonal allergies, urinary tract infections, eye infections, and more. Our primary care team will assist you with medication management and will send prescriptions to your local pharmacy. You’ll also be always connected to the necessary specialists and other services inside our network.

UCO Medical Clinic primary care providers will be your first point of contact and continuing connection to care. A primary care doctor will listen to your questions and give a personalized treatment plan if you are unsure what you need or how to get healthcare services. Our primary care physician will help you handle any advanced care you may require because he or she is at the center of all your medical demands. Contact us to schedule an appointment with our primary care team near Hollywood, Florida today!

About UCO Medical Clinic

At UCO Medical Clinic we offer Gynecological Care, Prenatal Care, Preventive Medicine for both men and women. This includes Telehealth, Online Doctors, Telemedicine and many other medical services. Our Staff includes some of the most experienced health providers in Florida; Yuri Skarlat PA-C and Dr. Sylvester Braithwaite MD OBGYN. Yuri Skarlat, PA-C (Nationally Certified Physician Assistant) is a graduate of the University of Southern California, School of Medicine, PA Program, Los Angeles, California. Yuri has over 20 years of diverse experience in Preventive Medicine, Family Medicine, Urgent Care, and Women’s Health. Dr. Sylvester Braithwaite MD OBGYN has been practicing medicine for over 25 years in the US, Canada, and the West Indies. Dr. Braithwaite is passionate about preventing unintended pregnancies and STIs, particularly with teens. View our Telemedicine services here.
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