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DOT Exam near Hollywood, FL

Who needs a DOT exam near Hollywood, FL?

A DOT exam near Hollywood, FL follows the guidelines mandated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, ensuring that commercial drivers and other employees are in good health to work safely for themselves and the public. The DOT physical exam is a necessary physical for any individual getting behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. Without the DOT physical exam, an individual cannot legally operate a commercial vehicle.

What do you need to bring for a DOT exam near Hollywood, Florida?

You will need to bring a complete list of medications and any prior certificate of exemption. In addition, drivers who use glasses, contacts, and/or hearing aids should bring them as well.

What should you expect during your DOT physical exam near Hollywood, FL?

During your DOT exam near Hollywood, Florida you will have a physical examination that will include vision, hearing, blood pressure, and a urinalysis test. This exam will help ensure that you do not have certain health conditions that can interfere with the safe operation of a commercial vehicle. Passing the DOT physical exam gives drivers the certification to be behind the wheel of their commercial vehicle. The DOT certification lasts between 3 months to 2 years depending upon the health of the driver. Call us to schedule an appointment

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