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Work Physicals Fort Lauderdale, FL

Employment physicals, also known as physical exams for work, are intended to keep workers safe and healthy while on the job. To promote workplace safety, many jobs require companies to verify that their employees pass this work physical. Government agencies regulate some of these, such as commercial truck driving, to safeguard both the driver and the general public. If you require an employment physical near Fort Lauderdale, Florida, make sure you contact us today to schedule your appointment.

A work physical is a medical exam that prospective hires may be required to take to determine that they are physically and mentally capable of performing the job. For many firms, an employment physical is a standard element of the onboarding process, especially if they want to make sure the employee is physically capable of completing the job’s obligations. A physical exam for work may be a brief or protracted process, depending on the nature of the position.

Physical Exams For Work Near Fort Lauderdale, Florida

A work physical for new hires differs depending on your employer’s needs. Some employers, for example, require stamina and physical ability testing, as well as psychiatric screening, in addition to normal testing. Many of the same tests and screenings will be performed as at your annual physical visit at your physical exam for work. Your blood pressure, temperature, and heart rate are all checked by our team. They will listen to your heart and lungs, as well as feel your abdomen, for any signs of sickness or other irregularities. If you need an employment physical in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area, contact our office today!

Employment Physicals Near Fort Lauderdale FL

Receiving regular physical exams and screenings is a crucial aspect of sustaining health and fitness at work. We’re complying with your company’s policies, procedures, and regulatory standards at UCO Medical Clinic, and we’re committed to providing you with an exceptional experience during your employment physical. Please gather any papers from your company as well as any medical information to bring to UCO Medical Clinic for a work physical or screening so our providers can better understand your medical history.

Even if national or regional standards do not demand it, providing your staff with a free health check physical exam for work is a wonderful approach to maintaining workplace safety and wellness. An Employment physical encourages employees to be more conscious of their health and take proactive efforts to improve their well-being. Providing employee health physicals can be a good ROI for many firms when compared to having staff out sick.

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